Pt2 of 3 (Food, Glorious Food)

What do you mean I have to change my attitude?

What do you mean I have to change my attitude?

Now if ever this lad had a weekness, its food… and lazyness… why am i doing this again?

I do love a burger… and cakes… and… alright, I love food, big deal… Move on.

So by now you should be aware of my challenge (if not see the very first beardedmamil blog) and you will be aware I need to sort out my eating habits (i.e STOP EATING YOU LARDY BAR STEWARD!!!) The obvious reason for this surely has to be taking less weight on the bike journey (less wieght = less work).

We all know I am currently 21 stone and that I have 8 months to prepare for my Lands End to John O Groats bike ride. So I need to shed some of the winter coat.

We all know how demanding dieting can be (especially for us jaded, at risk of cat2 diebetes, lazy gits). So how am I going to promote wieght loss? Well a calorie controlled diet should be good for starters. I am also going to promote a healthier intake of calories and not rely solely on Big Macs and bacon butties.

Now I know this is going to be a challenge. I have dieted before and I am all too familiar with the concept of eating fooking lettuce til the end of days. I am not looking forward to this aspect of this challenge, I would rather go train my tits off that eat cherry tomatoes and celery.

But sacrifices are the order of the day so how can I ensure I keep to this?

Well I am going to use an app on my iphone. Ive used MyFitnessPal before and like it. All I have to do now is use the ruddy thing (I have been guilty of using it for a couple of days then quitting). My login on MyFitnessPal is devonbadger, come say hello and lets help each other lose this sh!t… LOL.


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