Pt 3 of 3 (Gym… Not Gin)

Yep, all this has to either go or its coming with me up north...

Yep, all this has to either go or its coming with me up north…

The third and final approach I am championing in my quest to get my fat harris a little smaller is the introduction of a gym regime. I have also cut out the booze.

My place of work is away from where I live so I spend a majority of the working week away from my lovely partner (Karen – who you will be introduced to as we go along because I can’t see any way of completing this challenge without her support)… Right enough gushy, where was I? Oh yeah, I work away from home during the week but luckily the building I work in has a gym.

Last week I approached the gym instructor, Dominic, and asked for him to create a regime for me to follow that would complement my riding at the weekends. In particular I was looking at promoting the loss of weight, working on my overall fitness and building leg muscle. He was very good and we agreed an approach.

My regime will be;

  • Monday – Vipr class
  • Tuesday – Fitness and leg work
  • Wednesday – Spinning Class
  • Thursday – Fitness and leg work

We agreed I would start the following Monday (yesterday) and I was very excited this was all kicking off. I’m not sure if you know what Vipr classes are, I certainly didn’t know when I signed up. But regardless, this was all starting and life was a positive old bean. I was attempting something aggressive to ensure maximum possible chance of completing the LEJOG challenge I have set myself and anyway, how hard can it be?

That was yesterday, this is today and I swear to you here and now, this morning I felt like I wanted to die.

In my best whiny American accent, OH-MY-GOD!!!

And for reference, Vipr classes involve a circuit like approach with weighted tubes. Each exercise stage targets different parts of the body. There were three laps of the circuit. After the first of these I remember thinking, ‘huh, whats the big deal?’. After the third of the circuits, well I dont remember anything. And  I have no idea how much time each of these stages involved. The first couple seem to last about two minutes, the last couple seem to last about a week.

My back screamed, my legs buckled, my arms exploded and my lungs just gave up and walked home alone muttering something about not having to take this anymore.

So if I am stupid enough to ask how hard can it be. Well the answer is fooking hard.

I panted like a rabbid dog, I sweated like a 70s Top of The Pops presenter with the police at my door. It was so bad that I struggled to use the stairs afterwards. I died and just when I thought it was bad, I woke up this morning to a stiffness that is causing me all kinds of trouble at work (when I walk it looks like I’ve sh!t myself).

I know in my second entry in this blog (The Hardest Part of a Long Journey…) I bragged about how easy all this training was… Well I admit it now, I was an idiot. The training is difficult but to be fair there is a lot of work to do and it’s all part and parcel. If I don’t put the effort in then my challenge in September will be extremely difficult as opposed to just difficult.

Focus, fatty, focus!!!


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