In all Seriousness

No funny caption - just a blatant promotion of worth-while-ness

No funny caption – just a blatant promotion of worth-while-ness


So that’s another week of my training gone. That’s means, unfortunately, another week of not doing as much as I wanted (whether that was in monitoring my food intake, getting into the gym or riding my bike). I need to get a grip because this is harder than I ever thought it would be (and I’ve only just started my training).

But this is not why we are here, today… Oh no, today is all about good positive stuff. It’s a ‘make you smile kinda thing’, a ‘wonder how you ever lived your life without this idiot scribbling crap down for your very enjoyment’ chapter of my blog…

I’m not even sure if that last paragraph actually made any sense at all but whatever.

Last week, Group Captain Rob (if you have read any of my previous blog entries you will know Rob is the dude, whose gig this is – hence the new nickname…) announced who we will be riding for when we start down south and, as the Jocks say, ‘head up the road’.

I mean obviously it would be a missed opportunity if we only put ourselves through all this for the sole sake of bragging rights. We have a chance here to raise some money for some very worthwhile charities. Luckily that won’t remove the opportunity of bragging about our achievement… and if I get all the way to John O’ Groats, then I am going to tell EVERYBODY.

‘So, what are the charities’, I hear you scream. Well that’s why we are here. It’s time to introduce you. Reader, meet the charities… Charities, don your best clobber and woo the potential donating masses.

There are two of ‘em. Meningitis Now and The LAM Foundation.

Meningitis Now – – Their mission statement = Our vision is a future where no one in the UK loses their life to meningitis and everyone affected gets the support they need to rebuild their lives.

The LAM Foundation – – Their mission statement = The LAM Foundation urgently seeks safe and effective treatments, and ultimately a cure, for lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) through advocacy and the funding of promising research. We are dedicated to serving the scientific, medical and patient communities by offering information, resources and a worldwide network of hope and support.

I was originally going to offer something informative about both of these charities but the web sites provide all the information and do so in a much more intelligent way than I could ever manage.

What I will say is both of these charities have personal meaning to the team with love ones affected by both diseases. We may be stupid enough to cycle from one end of the country to the other but we will do so with the drive of knowing we are helping good good causes.

I will post the link to the JUST GIVING PAGES once they have been set up (Hurry up Robbie Boy) and from here on in I will include the links on each and every blog post.

I would also like to just add that I know, in this age of social media, every man and his dog is out there looking for money for good causes. Even if you are not planning on donating please would you take a quick look at the charity pages. It would only take a couple of minutes and you may even learn something. LAM in particular may just appreciate the improved awareness.

Also, other friends / collegues may ask for support in the form of donations for their sponsored run etc but how many have a really cool, intelligent, funny yet thought provoking blog supporting all the prep work everyone is doing ready for the challenge of LEJOG (Lands End to John O’ Groats to the uninitiated… is that how you spell that?).

Hugs to all of you and thanks for your time… I will endeavour to return to funny yarns about my failings in training next week. I am also planning on introducing key players in this challenge and discussing more bikey stuff (If I can be arse to get on my bike for any decent period of time).


One thought on “In all Seriousness

  1. Russ you are doing so good, hang in there and keep pedling. Lynn and I appreciate what you guys are doing. Don’t forget uncle nige will buy you a pint when completed. Nigel.

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