Just Typical

That blue fooking tyre took me an hours to get on my bike - AN HOUR!!!

That blue fooking tyre took me an hour to get on my bike – AN HOUR!!!

So where do I start? Well I think the gods are against me.

I know that sounds a little dramatic, paranoid even. I dont care, I actually do believe someone is out to get me, to make my journey to total yet subliminal fitness as difficult as possible.

It all started about three weeks ago. As part of my ‘getting as many miles under my belt as possible’ routine I was struggling to get out on the bike on a weekend. There are reasons behind this personal struggle. The main one is I’m lazy. The ‘almost as important’ other factor was the weather has been shite. So, and lets be honest here, when it comes to motivating my fat harris off the couch and onto the bike, well sometimes I struggle.

And dont patronize me, I know this is something only I can sort out. I know I have to get the miles in, I know theres loads of work to get through before September but sometimes I just dont have the interest in getting on my bike and going out for a ride in the cold and rain. I find it especially hard because I work away during the week and when I get home at the weekend I just wanna chill wiv-me-bird!!! (I’m so dead for calling her my bird)

Enter Karen (said bird but more importantly my beloved other half) who not only suggested I get a turbo trainer but also went out and investigated which ones were the best. Now I didnt want a turbo trainer, I thought they were loud. I thought using one would annoy everyone in the house as I peddled for 4-5 hours at a time (4-5 hours Harrold, who you kiddin’?) Even when I explained to Karen how much they cost, she didnt bat an eyelid (mainly because she already knew) and she persisted, saying it would benifit my training. Anyway I said no, I didn’t want one, and left it at that.

Several weekends later, I havent really been out on the bike at all. The weather has been rubbish and I was returning to work almost every Monday morning knowing another weekend had gone begging. A quick chat with Rob (Cheif Organiser) and a little heart to heart about not wanting to ride in the rain. He was full of sympathy (“Just get out and ride you lazy tw@t.”)

OK, that last bit isnt true but it is funny. Actually what he said was, “Why dont you get a turbo?”

Well, a quick ‘I told you so’ look from Karen and before I know it I’m onto Chain Reaction Cycles.com wondering why I’m forking out £250 for something I dont want.

A week later and I’m unpacking my new turbo trainer and I even bought a specific turbo trainer tyre, blue in colour and so stubborn it took over an hour to put onto my rear wheel. That was the Friday evening and it blowing a howler outside. As I struggle getting that ruddy tyre on I realised the weather outside was only proving Karen and Rob right, there was no way I would want to ride in that wind.

And here is where the gods conspire against me. The following day was the first of the sunny days. Everyone was out on the roads. Twitter was full of pics of people riding in the sun. Rob posted a gorgeous pic of the sun rising with some smug comment he could ride all day in weather like that and me… Well there was no way I was taking the blue turbo tyre off my bike so on that first sunny day of the year I cycled on my turbo in my kitchen and sweated my doo-dahs off.

Like I said, the gods are against me.


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